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Dominate Google's first page and get up to 70 percent of all search traffic with search engine optimisation.

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Results driven

We have one primary focus with SEO, to increase sales and grow your bottom line. To this end we believe in transparency and so work diligently to report our results in detail on a regular basis.

Results driven


Search engines are constantly redefining their search algorithms – this means the rules are always changing. We value our ability to adapt. Just take a look at the results from our happy customers.


Evolved practices

Search engines have evolved. In the modern digital environment you need to think about more than just being on page 1. We align our efforts with your entire marketing strategy to holistically grow your business.

Evolved practices

Our work has been featured on Channel 7, 9 News, ABC and more!

Why SEO?

Open google. Type in a search query. See that first result? It's there because someone has taken the time to get it there. This is great SEO at work.

At Turboclicks, we work closely with you to design a strategy that generates more customers, increases your websites visits and makes more sales. It's an unfortuante but common sight: a website sitting there, somewhere on the web, unseen. One of the modern worlds most powerful tools for growth left forgotten in the shadows.

Google is the most popular search engine in the world, by far, and the data speaks to this fact:

  • Businesses on Google's first page reap 70% of all internet traffic
  • Over 30% of all search traffic is taken by the business at the #1 position
  • Search results earned through SEO are up to 8.5x more likely to be clicked on than paid ads

To get on the first page of Google is to make your voice heard. You can’t afford not to be there – especially when your competition already is.

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A unique approach to SEO

Unfortunately, it's not uncommon for SEO companies to apply the same approach to every client’s website. We take the time to understand your website and business to truly act effectively and generate results. We're a small agency and value our personal touch.

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No lock in contracts

Whilst SEO is a long term investment which can radically transform your business – we recommend against signing an lock-in contract. Contracts remove the motivation for an agency to get you the best possible results.

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SEO Success Stories

Just Patios logo

Operating in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast, Just Patios was looking to increase sales. We offered them new and innovative growth strategies that today make up 100% of their sales and marketing system, increasing revenue more than 2x.

Playbook logo

PlayBook is an online private coaching startup that was looking to get a foothold in Google. Within a few months we helped PlayBook take control of important keywords and build a coherent online brand, kickstarting their business venture.

I have used Turboclicks for years for both my businesses and I couldn't say a bad word about the company. They are perfect! From helping me out at inconvenient times to solving every issue I have right away. Always fair and reasonably priced as well. I will continue to use Turboclicks for years to come! I couldn't operate without them and thank them enough for all they have done!

Jesse CatterallSouthern Cross Tennis

Common SEO questions

Absolutely. We constantly see the results and benefits directly when our clients obtain more traffic, a higher conversion rate and more sales. We've seen it drastically impact many local businesses profits time and time again.

It doesn't matter if you’re a startup, local small business or a multinational enterprise. Our current world's demands are the same. A focus on digital precence and online strategy is vital. SEO will not only help you remain competitive, but will help you expand and grow in a modern, long term and sustainable way.

There is a lot of variability by industry, but SEO is not some quick fix solution. It is part of a sustainable, and holistic strategy for medium to long term business growth. Whilst we have personally had some clients rank page one within a week or two, a good rule of thumb for tangible results is 3 - 6 months. For more short term results, you can also look into our AdWords services. This allows you to skip the SEO process and will start generating results for you in a matter of hours.

Search engines like Google are always changing and updating – what worked yesterday to generate your results may not continue to work for you tomorrow. It is highly important to have specialists in the field who can help you adapt the strategy and maintain your results on an ongoing basis.

Any SEO Agency that promises a #1 position is fooling you. They will seek out low competition keywords with almost no traffic. We strive to target the most valuable and important keywords which align with our overall strategy to grow your business. Although we can’t guarantee a number 1 position, our systems continue to work for countless businesses.

Organic results are the results that appear in search engines, for free, based on an algorithm. Paid (or ‘inorganic’) search results appear at the top or side of a page – they are links that advertisers pay to appear on search engines.

We have a number of KPIs that we use to measure the success of our efforts. They provide us with the information we need to strengthen and improve your SEO strategies. We integrate everything with analytics tools and reporting suites to ensure you always know where you stand and what the results have been.

We will send you a monthly report that contains: What we have done and are doing to reach the SEO goals we outlined. The tangible impact our SEO efforts are having on your web presence and traffic. New SEO opportunities we are discovering. Historical ranking information for all the search terms we are targetting. Essentially, everything you need to make informed choices.

Why SEO?

Competitor Research

Industries can be competitive. That's why we conduct a full review of the competition to ensure that we understand their strategies and efforts and can build on them and work around them to make sure you get to number one. We reverse engineer through a close study of those who are already excelling in your industry.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is one of the most important parts of Search Engine Optimisation. Imagine putting all your efforts into targetting keywords such as "healthy resturants" when "healthy cafes" get 10x the search traffic. With our experience in the industry we can provide deep analysis and guidance on what is going to be the best traffic producing and sales generating keywords to target. We don't over-optimise or under-optimise. We simply strive for the best and most effective groupings of keywords for you personally.

SEO Site Audit

Conducting a full SEO audit for Brisbane based businesses requires hours of review and analysis to determine what requires our attention. We have people trained in maketing, programming, design and writing to perform a strategic analysis of what can be improved from meny varying perspectives to make sure nothing is missed and everything is gained. And, what's more, we will actually fix everything for you and implement every single one of our recommendations at no extra cost.

Link Building

Link building is the most important skill (and the most time consuming) in SEO. Google’s PageRank Algorithm doesn’t just analyse the content of a page – it also looks at how many people link to the page. Links are important because search engines view them as a vote of confidence for a page (the theory is that when someone links to another website, they’re declaring that it’s a reliable source of information). Google focuses on link quality (which relates to the authority of the page that is linking to your website and numerous other factors) as well as quantity.

Optimised Content

The team at Google has publicly stated that content is among its top three ranking factors. We have specialist writers who create blogs posts, website contnent, advertisements, videos, PDFs and more. Boring content is boring. Our writers can't stand poor quality copy, everything they do is:

  • Well written, informative and entertaining (sometimes even poetic)
  • Social and shareable
  • Designed to please humans, and search engines
  • Targeted to your audience
  • Based on thorough analysis, data and research
  • Crafted to get results

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