23 Ways to Turbo Boost Your Website Traffic

In this post you’ll learn some of the most effective marketing strategies of 2018 to increase the amount of traffic your website is getting on a daily basis.


1. Have a Guest Post Strategy

It’s a fact, when most people read articles online they simply ignore the author’s information. Don’t lie, you do too.

So what’s the strategy for guest posting? If you can’t solely rely on bio.

  1. Write your guest post
  2. Link to resources throughout your guest post at relevant spots
  3. Include your website amongst those resources

2. Rewrite Stale Articles

If you’ve got a well performing blog post that’s just sitting their stagnant, it’s possible a quick touchup can help.

  1. Look through your old content to find an article that’s old or irrelevant.
  2. Figure out what needs to change and change it, add some photos, delete stale content, etc.
  3. Make the updates post live for the world to see.

3. Use Social Sharing Links

This is one of the BEST ways to get more shares from your content.

In fact, Click To Tweet Links are one of the main reasons that this post from my blog has over 6k social media shares:

With that, let me show you how Click To Tweet links work:

  1. Look for something “shareable” that you’ve written. i.e a quote, a statistic
  2. Create a shareable link.
  3. Lastly, add that link in to the relevant section.

It’s that easy.

4. Keyword Your Content

It’s pretty common knowledge that SEO is awesome and powerful.

However, your rankings aren’t going to benefit much from classic SEO techniques.

You have to evolve at the speed of Google. That means, new techniques for a new day.

Recently, Google learned to understand keywords and content topics. Which is kinda crazy, but either way you still need to make sure you ‘re set up right.

Latent Semantic Analysis (LSI) is basically just saying related keywords should appear together.

So, when you’re writing your next post, try out a free LSI keyword tool.

5. Reinvent Your Content

Reinventing your content is rather straight forward:

Basically, you take one piece of old but effective and relevant content and redo it in a new medium .

Example: turn your blog post into a YouTube video, or an infographic. What do you have to lose?

6. Get Your Ass on a Podcast

Podcasts are big and getting bigger.

But, you don’t need to create a new podcast. Unless you’re willing to put in the work.

Rather, just appear on already existing podcasts as a guest speaker. Podcast hosts are always in need of new content, and the right guest speakers are perfect for this.

Plus, you can build up some nice backlinks.

7. Email Influencers

Get emailing, find someone who tends to share content related to yours and ask them with a highly personalised message if they would like to share your latest piece.

They may so no, but you’re building a relationship here not going for quick wins.

8. Don’t Forget About LinkedIn

Facebook is big and all, but depending on your market LinkedIn could be a better fit.

With some of the highest engagement rates for any social media site, you could seriously be missing out if you’re forgetting about LinkedIn.

If you’re in a B2B market, it’s really a no-brainer.

9. Run a Free Giveaway

People love free shit. People also love competition and playing the odds.

So, why not run a competition.

A simple giveaway can double, triple, or 10x your traffic over the course of a week.

If you’ve got the right social media strategy then your free giveaways could pay for themselves and then some. At the end of the day, the cost to you is a fraction of the market value.

Additionally, you can mooch off this competition to create weeks worth of content for social media. Create a blog post about it, share it on Facebook, share the results, email campaigns, create a video of the winner. Get testimonials from the winner.

It’s a powerful tactic indeed.

13. Facebook Ads All The Way

Run strategically positioned Facebook Ads that promote your content.

Once you’ve promoted the content, simply run a few remarketing ads to scoop of those prospects into closed leads.

14. Reduce Your Bounce Rate

A high bounce rate damages your SEO, brand, leads, sales and revenue.

Good news is, if you know what to look for, it’s easy to fix.

After years in the industry we know what to look for, ask us about our website development services today.

15. Write Long Articles

1,000+ words.

Not an essay, real human speak.

Do we really need to say any more?

16. Plan for Mobile

It is the mobile era after all.

Google recently decided to completely ignore your desktop website, that’s right, it doesn’t matter.

Instead, they’re looking at the quality of your mobile design. If you can get this right, then good things follow.

This includes better rankings, better user experience and more traffic.

17. Quuu - Secret Social Weapon

Quuu is an awesome way of getting your content out there.

It’s really easy. Just list your content on their service, and have it sent out to thousands of influencers who are looking to share your content.

A dirt cheap, simple way of getting more exposire.

18. Republish on LinkedIn

Yeah I Know, LinkedIn again. Tough.

You can repost all your old content on LinkedIn. Chances are, you probably haven’t.

So get on that right now!

19. Drive Traffic To Your Website From Forums

If you’re genuine about wanting to help provide value to people, forums are the way to go.

We’re not talking about spamming your links on every forum you find.

That’s just going to get you banned and penalised. Instead, offer valuable information to people from your experience. From there you can mention your services in a gently way.

Most forums also support having a link in your bio. I know we said that doesn’t work earlier. But, if you’re engaging in forums with the right strategy, it certainly wont hurt.

BONUS: 20. Syndicate Your Content on Medium

Medium is great for aggregating your content and getting it in front of people.

Write a post and whack it up on your website.

From there you can repost it to Medium. Give it between 5 - 7 days before doing this, as you want Google to notice your website as the original poster of the content.

(Unless you’re writing exclusive content on Medium)

Then just share it on all your social media accounts.

The more people that view and read the post, the more it will be promoted within Medium’s system.

So have at it.

That’s all for now, if you don’t feel like doing all this stuff yourself. That’s where we come in. Reach out and say hi and we’ll book you in for your free strategy session to figure out the best way to move your business forward.

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