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This is a simple post, not too long, not too complicated. It’s sitting here to demonstrate something to you.

The content will be largely unconsequential, however it may still be interesting.


As of this minute, we’re tracking you

Guess what.

Clicking on this post signed you up for something you didn’t know you were getting in to.

But don’t panic, it’s just a fun little experiment.

As of right now, you’ll begin to see our ads.

On Facebook, YouTube, Google, random websites, Instagram… Basically everywhere you go to waste time.

Turboclicks Remarketing

This is the power of remarketing (also known as retargeting). It means that I can track you, and advertise to you based on specific pages you’ve visited, how long you’ve stayed, or where you went next.

Are you a guy, cool, I’ll give you a certain ad, how about in Brisbane? Bam, I’ll make the ad specific to you even more so.

It’s really a beautiful thing. For us that is…

We control what you see, when you see it and how much you see it.

If you’re starting to sweat, just relax.

Because we’re on your side. That’s right, we’re not selling you McDonalds or Cruises.

We want you to grow your business and build a life of freedom, helping others through offering your services and products to as many people as you can.

We’re all about win-win. And we want to show you the power of digital marketing.

So next time you see us pop up on Facebook, just think for a minute.

We put that there, specifically for you!

And you can do the same…

Give us an obligation free call today, or shoot us an email and we can discuss the impact that strategic remarketing can have on your business.

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